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Ganss ALT 71 Wireless/Wired 2.4G + USB Mechanical Keyboard

Ganss ALT 71 Wireless/Wired 2.4G + USB Mechanical Keyboard


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Cherry MX Switches

    HELLO GANSS ALT71G 2.4G Wireless and Type-C Wired Mechanical Keyboard

    Fast Operation 2.4G Wireless Plug and Play

    Simply connect without any software and then enjoy a strong and reliable wireless connection away with virtually no delays or dropouts. What’s more, there is also a Wired Mode connection, you can easily charge the keyboard as well as shifting to wired mode for your needs. ALT is a perfect fit for any desk.

    Customizable Keys Position - 71 or 68

    Variable key position arrangement, 71 keys or 68 keys. The three buttons PgDn, PgUp and Delete located above the arrow keys are designed to disassemble the shaft.


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    Refund Policy:


    We will process refunds within 30 days after the purchase if you are not satisfied.


    The refund process is started after you have returned the product to our centre, upon reception of the product we carefully check it to make sure that the product has not been damaged. 


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    LIMITED PRODUCT WARRANTY ("Limited Warranty")

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    This warranty does not cover problems or damage resulting from, but not limited to, any of the following:

    Wear and tear associated with normal use.

    Any unauthorized modification or repair, accidental damage or disassembly.

    Removal of any manufacturer label(s) or sticker(s).

    Any improper operation, including any use not in accordance with any supplied product instructions.

    Connection to any improper voltage supply.

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